All Breeds. Motorized. Fixed Inclined Platform




IDR 28.000.000

KARDIODOGY Classic is our most basic motorized treadmill that has fixed inclined base or platform position. This model can be used for any types of dogs. Here are 5 key benefits you can expect from KARDIODOGY Classic:

1. Sturdy Structure

Minimum vibration levels to prevent loss of balance when running and ensure safe and effective exercise.

2. Speed Controller

Variable speed control from 0-6 km/ hr to develop stamina and strength at levels comfortable and appropriate for your dog.

3. Belt Stabilizer

Belt Stabilizer system in order to keep the belt running at the center or to prevent the belt from shifting to the left or right while in use.

4. Guard Rails

Guard Rails on both sides to keep your dog focused and provide safety.

5. NT Belt

Easy to clean anti-slip belt provides good traction on your dog’s feet in order to prevent them from injury.

Every KARDIODOGY treadmill comes with a three-year limited warranty. Details of our limited warranty are available here