Pitbulls. Non-Motorized (Manual). Flat Position Only. Linear Hand Brake




IDR 24.000.000

KARDIODOGY Burner Pro E is a manual treadmill designed especially for pitbulls. 5 benefits you can get from your Burner Pro E

1. Sturdy Structure 

Capability to accommodate greater impact due to the manual force exerted by the dog to cause the belt to move and rotate.

2. LW Runway Belt

Special anti slip runway to maintain proper shape of your dog’s feet and prevent them from injury.

3. Guide Rails 

See through guide rails on both sides will keep your dog to stay focused and provide safety.

4. Linear Hand Brake

Allows you to add varying levels of resistance to the workout linearly (equally to the power you apply on the brake) as well as removing the dog safely after workout.

5. Leash Anchor

Adjustable-height leash anchor at five different positions at the top of the treadmill.

6. Rear Handles

Twin handles at the back of the treadmill for easy placement.

Every KARDIODOGY treadmill comes with a three-year limited warranty. Details of our limited warranty are available here